※ 1. Why are we conducting groomer aptitude test (GAT)?

The purpose of groomer aptitude test (GAT) is to maintain and/or enhance the professionalism and technical standard of our NASA groomer. Our plan is to have GAT from time to time free of charge to our members. Students with excellent score will be provided with an opportunity for promotion without any extra cost. For example, Basic groomer can be promoted to C class groomer, C class groomer to B class, and B class groomer to A class groomer, etc.

※ 2. How can one attend a GAT?

In order to attend a GAT, one must first become a NASA member. Then the candidate must first obtain the most basic groomer qualification, i.e. a Basic groomer. For further details you can call 2891 6579 to Grooming Department to enquire on membership application and regarding criteria on determination of a basic groomer.

※ 3. How can a GAT influence the career of a groomer?

First of all, attending a GAT can help a groom check his/her technical skill every once in a while. Furthermore, if one achieves an excellent score in the test, this can enhance his/her career because of this achievement itself is a sign of better acceptance by market. This means that a better professional image and thus better job opportunity in pet shops. Many pet shops in fact like to hire groomer with excellent records. For those who are already in pet business, a good reference in the technical skill as a groomer can certainly enhance his/her pet business.
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